Your Mission

I’m glad you’ve reached my web home. You are welcome here!detective flashlight, magnifying glass and pencil

I am a suspense author who writes gritty characters into novels that keep God on His throne where He belongs. No apologies.

In the navigation bar above, the entries do the following:
  • Dossier…meet me and read my short bio.
  • Crime Scenefun picture of my home office.
  • Clues…read my blog and jump into the conversation.
  • Case Files…watch my book trailer, add my book on Goodreads, and purchase my books.
  • Surveillance…email me, find me on the social networks, and get updates on current author news.
  • Coffee Break…enjoy some other fun activities I’ve put together.

Here is where I will post pinnable quotes from my books.

I’d love your support in pinning them!

Flowers in window with tree

live oak tree warning

vacant house

study window

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